Thursday, April 18, 2013

Back on Track

Things should be back on track now for me, creating and looking after my cherubs. I am happy now the Blog and Facebook Pages are set up and I will update the Facebook Page Daily and Post a Blog once a week......

Kids Food ...........

This is all I've done this week so far.

Duckies swimming :: What you'll need ::

Half a pear
Toast {cut with a cookie cutter}
Cheese Singles {cut with a cookie cutter}
Green Apple

Jelly Baby Iceblocks :: What you'll need ::

Ice Block Handles or Paddle Pop Sticks
Jelly Babies or any other type of lollie

Heidi loved these today as she is teething and it soothed her pain


Handy Hints ...........

 Spray some purfume on a book with flowers in it for your kids, they will love being able to smell the flowers!
 Winter is almost here...... get your scarves out and have fun with them! {Sorry about my work clothes, it's just what I am wearing today when I thought of doing this}
By rubbing butter on the sides of cheese when your going away or if you don't eat it often, prevents the cheese from going mouldy.
 Did you know that putting baby powder on you and your kids after you have been in the sand at the beach or sandpit, will make it fall off you and not be sticky and leave such a mess everywhere?
Keep all your free motel lotions and potions and put into a basket in your spare bedroom for your guests to use "Just in case they forget something"

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